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The Wrecktifier!
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W-1 Includes
  • leverage bar with "Lever Lock"
  • six feet of chain
  • four inch wide flat hook
  • & Morgan Nokker hook adapter
It utilizes 7/8" stem slip over jack fittings and extensions. The four inch wide flat hook on one end of the chain and Morgan Nokker hook adapter on the other end are both removable to accommodate other attachments or hooks in the shop.
W-1 The Nokker hook adapter allows the technician to use any of the Morgan large slide hammer hooks, adapters and attachments available for pulling. The technician can use any 4-ton jack ends to accommodate the surface being pushed against. The leverage variable can be changed by adding or removing 4-ton jack extensions. Infinitely variable adjustments can be made by choice of jack extension and positions of chain and Lever Lock on Wrecktifier shaft.

The Wrecktifier is under 19" in overall length and 2-1/2" wide for easy storage in tool boxes and drawers. Combine your 4-ton jack extensions and attachments with Morgan Nokker attachments to create a powerful new push/pull leverage tool.


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