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DH-3 Door Hanger
DH-3 Door Hanger These ingenious devices are the simple but effective solution to one-man door hanging. Simply screw one into the top most hinge nut on the door. Hold the toggle straight with one hand while supporting the door, and pick up the other end of the door with the other hand. Slide the toggle through the top hinge bolt hole and turn it crossways.
Now you can let go with both hands because the DOOR HANGER holds the top hinge in place and the door rests against the bottom hinge. Both hands are now free to insert the door hinge bolts.
  • Three threaded sizes per kit: 8mm x 1.25, 5/16-18 and 3/8-16
DH-3 Door Hanger Example
801 Door Aligning Tool
801 Door Aligning Tool
  • Wedges within hinge to straighten jam
  • Universal use for all American or foreign cars and trucks
  • Designed for easy access behind both deep box and shallow well hinges
  • Hardened steel wedges are sharp-knurled for binding grip
  • Cuts work time, improves accuracy of alignment
  • Made for rough service . . . indestructible
KP-2 Knee Pads
KP-2 Knee Pads These are the kneepads to own if you want the greatest comfort combined with a non-slip rubber cap
  • Longer thick Neoprene rubber cap means greater protection for the kneecap and shins
  • Space-age nylon fabric, nylon thread
  • Thick foam rubber cushioning
  • Brass grommets
  • Extra-wide velcro closures
  • Black rubber and fabric
KP-3 Kneeling Pad
KP-3 Kneeling Pad
  • LARGE 18" x 24" kneeling area
  • 3/4" thick cushion protects knees against hard surfaces
  • Closed cell structure will not absorb water, grease, oils, coolant, etc.
  • Self extinguishing as per MVSS-302. Welding spatter will not cause a fire
  • Cracks, debris & gravel will not hurt knees through cushion foam
  • Eliminates the elastic strap binding behind the knees experienced with traditional knee pads
  • Great for the bodyman, mechanic, contractors and homeowners
  • Estimators and insurance appraisers will find these to be useful and professional in appearance

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