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Auto Body Tools Catalogue
Trimeezer and Accessories
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The Abrasive Disc Shaper that is Revolutionizing Grinding!

Don't throw money away with your worn discs. How much are paying each month for those discs? If you don't own a Trimeezer®, you're throwing away 80% of that money! Trimeezer will enable you to get FOUR MORE usable edges on each disc.


DT-1 Trimeezer
DT-1 Trimeezer
  • Trims 4 multi-sided discs or 4 round discs
  • Superior grinding-cleaning action on metal clean-up prior to using fillers
  • Discs run cooler and dissipate heat
  • Unmatched flexibility for sanding contoured surfaces
  • Perfectly balanced, safe to use
  • Shaped discs resist loading
  • Special Neoprene compound roller
  • Quick simple adjustment
  • Trims 4 multi-sided discs or 4 round discs
  • Round sizes cut: 4-1/4", 5-1/2", 6-3/4", 8"
  • Strong-durable aluminum alloy die casting
DT-1 Blade Positions
Part List and
Conversion Instructions
Trimeezer design Instructions to convert the Trimeezer® disc trimmer to a "Round" or "Multi-sided" Trimmer, as desired:

Loosen and remove blade lock nut. Move shaft and crank assembly out to remove spacers and blade. Reassemble blade and spacers as above for desired trimming action. Be sure lines on spacers are aligned before tightening blade lock nut. To tighten blade lock nut, hold hand pressure on crank and apply wrench to nut. CAUTION: The thickness of the washer between spacer and base unit is a critical part. DO NOT REMOVE. The thickness of this washer is critical for correct operation.
Parts List
DT-2 Tune-up Kit
DT-2 Tune-up Kit
  • Restores Trimeezer® to new condition
  • Includes new cutter blade, rubber roller & roller pin
DT-4 Backing Plates
DT-4 Backing Plates
  • Set of four: 3", 4-1/4", 5", 7"
  • High strength epoxy fiberglass construction
  • Many times stronger than conventional phenolic
  • Plates maintain their shape & flexibility
  • Custom made to get even more life out of Trimeezer cut discs
  • Rigidity increased by stacking

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