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Auto Body Tools Catalogue
Morgan Junior Nokkers®
Lightweight Morgan Nokkers®
Screw Pull Attachments
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JR-5 Junior Nokker®
JR-5 Junior Nokker®
  • A multi-purpose tool with a thousand uses on auto body repair problems
  • Designed and priced for the individual body man
  • Hooks are all made of hardened alloy steel for general uses
  • No mounting board (5-lb. slide hammer)
  • Specify JR-5K to get mounting board convenience similar to the No. 39 Kit below
JR-5A Junior Starter Kit
JR-5A Junior Starter Kit
  • Designed for the body man starting to supply his own tool box
  • Consists of Shaft (JR-51), Slide Hammer (JR-50), Duplex Nut (JR-54), and Special Double Lead Screw Tip (JR-56) all pictured to left. Kit will accommodate ALL Junior Nokker® attachments
  • 5-lb. Slide Hammer
No. 39 Nokker®
No. 39 Nokker®
  • This kit contains a 3-lb. slide hammer with screw and screw puller nut in addition to six of our most popular attachments for the smaller size hammers. It comes mounted on a wooden board for ease of use and organization just like our bigger No. 9 Kit
3 lb. Nokker®
  • The Morgan No. 3-A Nokker® was designed to meet the need of a lightweight, but effective tool for thin-panel pulling found on modern vehicles. Molded plastic grip will not slip off. Screw nut is threaded with 3/8" SAE threads on the end to accommodate our famous JR-57 Super Point and other attachments with that thread size
  • 3 lb. Slide Hammer
No. 3A Kit No. 3-A Kit
QS-1 Screw Puller Attachment
QS-1 Screw Puller Attachment
  • Work several screws at one time
  • Eliminates the need to drill or ice pick a hole in the panel-just tap in the sharp self-penetrating screw, turn and pull
  • No need to remove screws from the body panel to make another pull until you're done
QS-1 consists of the screw pulling attachment, jam nut and a sampling of screws to fit Morgan's 3 lb. Slide Hammer

SP-1 consists of a QS-1 and a Morgan 3 lb. Slide Hammer weight and shaft
QS-2 Stud Puller
QS-2 Stud Puller
  • Make pulls by hand, simply screw in the handle grip supplied with the Quick-Stud
  • To pull by Slide Hammer, just screw onto our No. 3 three pound slide hammer
QS-2 consists of a stud pulling head and a "T" handle attachment

SP-2 consists of a QS-2 and a Morgan 3 lb. Slide Hammer weight and shaft

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