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Auto Body Tools Catalogue
No. 9 Morgan Nokker®, Other Heavy Duty Nokkers®
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A Must for Unitized Body Reconstruction
Apply alternate forces in conjunction with frame machines and benches
A sliding 9-lb. Sledge Hammer -- Hammers both ways!
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No. 9 Nokker® Kit
No. 9 Nokker® Kit 9-lb. Slide Hammer taps lightly as a tack hammer or drives like a sledge.
Allows positive control of impact.

BS-1 Thin Hook
  • Used on light duty applications where a narrow blade is needed
BS-2 Chain Hook
  • Chain fits around metal parts where a regular hook might slip off or not reach. Can be used with vice grips to pull sheet metal edges
BS-4 Caulking Blade
  • Used as a straight driver or deep reverse pulling when used with a BS-3 Return Coupler
BS-5 Offset Blade
  • Malleable and can be used as a driver as well as deep reverse pulling with the BS-3 Return Coupler
BS-7 Shaft
  • Impact ring is hot formed as an integral part of shaft. No welds to break or threads to loosen up
  • Thread cleaner on male end, coupler on female end. Both ends useable and adapt to all 4-ton bantam size jacks with 3/4" pipe thread fittings. This allows jack user to direct force to end he wants to move
  • Removable Handle
BS-8, 9, 11
  • Standard hooks for general purpose pulling
BS-10 Screw Puller
  • Use with JR-56 & JR-57 Super Point as well as stock bolts and studs. Can also be used with a variety of hooks from the Jr. Nokker®
No. 69 Kit
  • The No. 9 Kit is also available with our Tuff Girl 9-1/2 lb. slide hammer. Specify No. 69 Kit
No. 10 Nokker® Kit
No 10 Nokker Kit Our best kit!
Features our most used attachments:
  • BS-1R Reversed Hook
  • BS-16 Round Hook Set

And also features our newest attachments:

  • BS-15 Mo-clamp 3100 Series Hook Adapter
  • BS-14 Locking Pliers Puller
No. 7 Nokker® Kit
No. 7 Nokker® Kit
  • This kit contains the most popular components of our heavy duty 9-lb. NOKKERS®, including our BS-1R Reversed Thin Hook
  • Tools come mounted on a wooden board for easy storage and organization
  • Other attachments for the No. 7 Kit are also available separately
9-NB Nokker® Kit
9-NB Nokker® Kit
  • The ever-popular No. 9 Kit is now available in a sturdy metal box for those who like under-the-bench storage and portability
  • Also available with No. 7 Kit. Specify part No. 7-NB
  • Also available with MN-9 Girl Slide Hammer. Specify part No. 69-NB
  • Metal box available separately. Specify part No. NBS
No. 59 Nokker® Kit
No. 59 Nokker® Kit
  • This kit contains the more popular attachments of the No. 9 Kit. Intended for the body man who prefers to store his tools in his tool box and the economy of first buying the attachments he would use the most.
  • Comes with our 9-lb. slide hammer.
  • Other attachments are also available separately

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