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Auto Body Tools Catalogue
Painter's Work Station, Spray Gun Holder, Universal Vacuum Attachment
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PWS-1 Painter's Work Station
  • Magnetically attached unit
  • Shelf capacity of 50 lbs.
  • Spray gun and air hose hanger cut-outs support both gravity and siphon guns
  • Cleaning brush and wrench bracket
  • Paint strainer bracket
  • Lineable work tray
  • Cam operated release mechanism
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Patent Pending
  • Storage bracket allows on site storage of cleaning brushes and spray gun wrenches needed to service spray guns
  • Folding shelf gets out of the way when work station is not in use
SGH-1 Spray Gun Holder
  • Shelf will hold two full spray guns without sliding or tilting out of position
  • Magnetically attaches to spray booth walls
  • Two support positions for gravity fed spray guns
  • Two support positions for siphon fed spray guns
  • Center notch in unit hangs the end of air hose
  • Durable powder coated finish
VA-39 Universal Vacuum Attachment
VA-39 A very useful panel tool for pulling out the "pushed in" dent that needs only minor repair or pulling out the major portion of a larger dent. This versatile tool can be use 4 ways:
  • Attach to any of the Morgan heavy or light duty slide hammers
  • Using the supplied adapters, it can also be used with most competitive slide hammers
  • Pull by hand using the "T" handle included
  • Pull by power using the "Eye" bolt included
  • Can be used to hold onto auto glass or body panels to assist in installation
VA-39 on slide hammer Uses shop compressed air to generate a powerful vacuum that allows the user to pull on a panel while at the same time working the metal to encourage the dents to pull out and stay out

Note: VA-39 Vacuum Attachment kit does not include slide hammer

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